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Expensive, Right-Now Problem Nick Addresses:

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work!

This is not because they are using the wrong media or because they are not using the latest bright, shiny object.

It’s because they have not implemented the one strategy that MUST be in place before they spend a single penny on marketing of any kind.

Solution: Nick will reveal this secret to your audience in a way that will empower them to increase their marketing ROI by as much as 500% with little or no increase in cost.

After implementing Nick’s advice, most clients get much better results immediately at a lower cost. This is the secret sauce most marketing gurus miss!

Suggested Intro:

Nick Nichols shows premium B2B consultants and service providers how to get more high-fee clients and make more money. Nick is the founder of Dalfort Media, the author of five marketing books, and creator of the “High-Fee Client Attraction Formula,” a step-by-step blueprint for B2B consultants and service providers so they can stop struggling and start making the income they deserve.


Special Offer for Your Audience:

“10 Ways to Give Your Business an Instant Cash Injection” – Pandemic Edition – Free Download

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • A simple strategy that will empower them to disrupt their industry and catch their competition off guard.
  • Who their toughest competitors really are and how to stop them cold.
  • How to identify their best prospects and stop wasting time on unlikely buyers.
  • A quick way to create a compelling offer that will motivate qualified prospects to take positive action.
  • How to avoid the biggest marketing mistake businesses of all types make.

Suggested Questions

  • What can businesses do to grow and prosper in an uncertain environment?
  • How can businesses raise cash and lower costs in challenging times?
  • What is the biggest marketing mistake businesses make and how can they fix it?
  • What is the best way to differentiate a business from its competition?
  • How can businesses tell if their marketing messaging is positioned to attract premium buyers?
  • Do you have a special offer you’d like to make to our listeners?