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Nick Nichols’ Podcast Showcase: Podcast Training & Coaching

What is “Strategic Discovery?”

Strategic Discovery is the process of uncovering exactly what you want to accomplish. During your hour on the phone with Nick, he will ask questions about your business to drill down to the most important challenges you have. You will find that this experience is unlike any you’ve had. Nick knows the right questions to ask and how to draw out your motivations and goals so you will be laser-focused on what needs to be done to reach those goals.

Unlike any consultant you’ve ever worked with!

Far too many consultants will say anything to get you to hire them! They will promise the moon and most won’t be able to deliver. Nick promises that after your session with him you will have a much better understanding of whether or not what you want to do has merit or potential. Think of Nick as your business barometer who will guide you in the right direction and do his best to prevent you from going in the wrong direction. During your session, you will get to know Nick a little, and vice-versa. There might be a match to go to the next step, or there might not be a match. This is part of his client screening process. Nick only works with serious adults: no whiners, second-guessers, or tire-kickers, and only if he believes he can help you.

Why does Nick charge for this?

Unlike far too many consultants who are desperate for business and are, therefore, willing to give away their time in hopes that a prospect will be impressed enough to hire them, Nick only works with people who are serious and who have some skin in the game. He doesn’t have to do free consultations to prove his worth. If you have read his website copy, blog articles and, hopefully, at least one of his books, you’ve already proven to yourself that Nick knows what he’s talking about. If you have any doubts, click here to see Nick’s Talent Stack and to see his World-Famous $1000 Challenge.

Nick is a professional who charges for his time.

When you go to the doctor, is the visit free or is there a charge? When you consult with a business attorney, do you get to pick his or her brain for free or is there a charge? Except for certain highly competitive medical specialties (cosmetic surgeons, Lasik, weight loss, etc.) and certain highly competitive legal specialties (personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, etc.) or where the doctor or attorney is desperate for business, there will be a charge for the initial consultation. Nick works the same way.

Still here? Great!

Click the button below to purchase a one-hour, strategic teleconsultation with Nick. After your order is approved, you will get instructions on how to schedule your time with Nick using his real-time online booking system.